Urban Foresight undertakes research and analysis to help public and private sector organisations to understand new and emerging opportunities.

We offer practical insights and evidence to support decision-making, policy development and the case for investments.

This spans a range of sectors including energy, transport, environment, economic development and broad opportunities for innovation.



The starting point for all of our work is Big Ideas.

We are expert at tracking trends, spotting significant developments and understanding why they are important. This includes identifying the broad influences that are shaping the future of cities and communities.

Such analysis is often structured by frameworks to identify current and future issues in political, economic and legal systems. Societal insights are often also central, covering: attitudes and ethics; changing needs and barriers; as well as quantitative data such as behaviour and demographics.

A particular area of expertise is the disruptive potential of emerging technologies. This includes scouting and tracking innovations and creative insights on new applications.



We are also expert at collecting new data and insights.

This includes face-to-face and telephone interviews: we know how to write robust questions and conduct professional interviews.

Questionnaires: we can compile questions, checklists and rating scales to verify and uncover insights.

We are expert at running workshops and focus groups, using a variety of tools and techniques to combine and share information from large and small groups.

We also know how to combine qualitative insights from interviews and surveys with quantitative data.



Finally, we know how to combine evidence into clear and engaging reports.

We write award winning reports that are concise, logical and engaging.