A commitment and unbridled enthusiasm for innovation is a thread that runs through all of our work. This includes the development of technology and innovation strategies and ensuring that these are aligned with wider strategies and objectives. It also includes facilitating opportunities for open innovation and supporting the development of a clear approach to external collaboration.

A key area of focus is the development of intelligent and integrated urban infrastructure.

Cities traditionally operate in silos, with limited integration between the infrastructure for transport, energy, water, waste, emergency response systems and other essential public services. There are also silos within silos, with different service providers, monitoring, and control systems operating in inefficient isolation.

Urban Foresight works to understand the connections between different infrastructure systems and how new technologies and operating systems can facilitate more efficient and effective urban infrastructure and services.

A key enabler of much of these improvements is data, with data from public services increasingly recognised as a resource for wider societal use. It offers the potential to enhance the delivery of public services, improve accountability and transparency and deliver wider social and economic benefits.

However, opening up data presents a major challenge for cities. We therefore work in the space between the public and private sector to support the intelligent sharing of non-personal and non-commercially sensitive data and ensuring that this is underpinned by tangible benefits.