Caitlin is an expert in circular economy, renewable energy and innovation development, with over 7 years experience in consultancy, policy, industry and research.

Caitlin is highly skilled in analysing value chains and business models of innovative and sustainable systems across sectors, including energy, transport, agriculture and waste. In addition, her strengths in communication allow her to thrive in stakeholder engagement to determine the key barriers and opportunities for innovative sectors, to develop strategies for industry growth.

Caitlin previously worked with NNFCC conducting bioeconomy policy, market and technology consultancy. She also worked in an agricultural policy unit in the Scottish Government, and in industry developing biofertilisers for New Energy Farms. Caitlin has a PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Warwick, investigating plant-microbe interactions in bioenergy cropping systems. She also achieved a first-class degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Manchester.