Europe’s Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc, today officially launched a new Europe-wide platform to create a marketplace for smart electromobility solutions.

The platform, known as EV4SCC, is led by Urban Foresight and represents 59 partners from 17 countries. EV4SCC brings together 15 cities and regions with start-ups, SMEs, research organisation, large companies and NGOs. It spans the sectors of transport, energy and ICT.

The launch took place at the Transport for Smart Cities Conference at the iconic Trainworld Railway Museum in Brussels. The event was organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG-MOVE) and brought together 150 selected practitioners and leaders from public and private sectors recognised as supporters of Smart Electromobility and New Mobility Services. This included Urban Foresight’s David Beeton and Karine Sbirrazzuoli, who was given the honour of presenting EV4SCC to the Conference delegates.


Speaking at the event Karine said: “We believe that we can make big things happen for cities but also for businesses. How? By championing the needs of cities, connecting actors like practitioners and procurers in an engaged community, and accelerating the deployment and replication of smart electric mobility solutions across Europe.”

Commissioner Bulc added: “It is not ‘us’ and ‘them’ anymore – we need to work together and drive this challenge to a good destination. These initiatives will lead to smart mobility solutions to the market at scale. They will support innovation to create new jobs and fully integrate transport in the digital single market. If the fight against climate change is to be won in cities, I am convinced that Smart Cities are part of the answer.”

As well as launching EV4SCC, the event set out the Commission’s priorities for developing a European Urban Agenda in the year ahead and gave recognition to the crucial work of smart cities in achieving progress on energy efficiency in the EU. Attendees were invited to debate on how such initiatives can help Europe to build a dynamic European Smart Mobility Market Place. Discussions covered opportunities to scale-up innovation, how to support smart city mobility in Europe and priority areas for action.

The debate ended with a signed declaration from the representatives of regions and cities from the EV4SCC platform. This included senior representatives from the Dundee City Council, the City of Gothenburg, Ile de France region, the Capital Region of Denmark and Grand Lyon.

Urban Foresight was particularly pleased that the Commission invited Dundee City Council to participate as a “flagship city” that has demonstrated leadership in electric vehicles and smart mobility. Urban Foresight has been working with Dundee City Council since 2013 on a range of electric vehicle and smart mobility projects and is working to establish the city as a global test bed for low emission vehicles and smart mobility services. This accolade from the Commission followed the announcement earlier this week that Urban Foresight’s bid to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles had secured almost £1.9 million for Dundee City Council to invest in infrastructure to support widespread adoption of ultra low emission vehicles.