Zero Waste Scotland commissioned Urban Foresight to develop and deliver a new programme to offer support to public sector organisations in developing carbon management strategies.

Research has identified that not all public sector bodies have carbon management plans, with a poor uptake identified in Scotland’s NHS Boards, education sectors and Non Departmental Public Bodies. Many of the carbon management plans developed were only targeted to 2015, resulting in a recognised requirement to refresh and update existing plans and to prepare plans for the public sector bodies without current plans.

Running from August 2015 to early 2016, the Support Programme for Carbon Strategy And Policy Development was designed to support 20 public sector organisations in the development of effective and compliant documents, provided via Urban Foresight’s expert project team which combines expertise in carbon reporting and measurement, policy and strategy development, and building low carbon networks & clusters.

The team has designed a five stage process to ensure that each organisation can develop effective and compliant carbon management strategies and documents, with results reviewed at each stage with Zero Waste Scotland to ensure that support programme meets all of the required objectives.

Using this process, Urban Foresight is delivering a tailored programme providing practical, technical support and advice on key elements including data collation, data analysis, developing a project portfolio and identifying and setting realistic and measurable targets.

In addition to the support programme itself, a key success of this project will be its enduring legacy, with the creation of regional carbon practitioner networks that form a living collaborative network with the necessary skills, material and relationships to continue long after the support programme has ceased.