A Public Health Authority in the UK engaged Urban Foresight to run a roadmapping workshop to develop a future outlook and strategy for the provision of health and wellbeing services.

A key motivation for running the workshop was that the Authority had recently appointed new members to a Health & Wellbeing Board who would ultimately be responsible for agreeing the priorities of the strategy and supporting its implementation.

Urban Foresight specifically designed a workshop format to promote collaborative working amongst the Board members as well as providing a forum to develop a consensus view of future priorities and cross-cutting issues. This was done in partnership with a senior manager in the Public Health Authority to maximise the effectiveness of the approach adopted.

The key outcomes of the workshop were:

  • Additional exert input to the emerging health & wellbeing strategy
  • A consensus view of the key challenges and priorities amongst the diverse stakeholders on the Health & Wellbeing Board
  • First-cut action plans to develop new and improved service offerings to meet anticipated future needs