Run by Urban Foresight, EV Ecosystems is a global task force (Task 18) under the framework of the International Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement (IA-HEV).

The aim of the project is to advance international policy and the design of EV ecosystems for smart cities. A global community of experts from 18 countries is engaging in workshops to establish future priorities for EV programmes and explore specific areas of opportunity.

The project is shaping a global vision on the technologies, policies, markets and business models that will create EV cities of the future. It is collecting best practice and innovative development from pioneering cities, regions, and nations, who are engaged in the following activities

  • Foresight workshops assembling experts from municipalities, regional authorities, governments, and industry, who together will establish priorities for EV programmes while exploring opportunities in business models, social change, and smart grids
  • An International Roadmap to establish a blueprint for provision of infrastructure for EVs based on the city roadmaps with lessons learned, key findings, and best practices
  • A global community of pioneering cities connecting international experts in an interactive web portal with a series of EV Congress meetings to facilitate policy exchange and problem solving.