Newcastle University commissioned Regeneris and Urban Foresight to assess the social, cultural and economic impact of the university on its home city and the wider region of North East England.

Urban Foresight’s work focused on assessing the socio-economic elements, considering the impact of the university’s research, knowledge transfer and the range of partnership work taking place in the local area and region. This included a review of strategic context illustrating the university’s contribution to the region’s economic development strategies and the Northern Powerhouse agenda, and the impact of its Engagement Strategy in addressing various societal challenges.

Qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to provide a holistic view of the university’s impact. Urban Foresight developed a series of thematic areas on to which its analysis was structured, these included:

  • Research
  • Business Engagement
  • Innovation
  • International Partnerships
  • Social & Community Engagement

Consultation with key stakeholders engaged with the university, data analysis and a review of  strategic documentation were undertaken to develop insights for the project.

Reporting found that the university had a significant positive impact on the city and wider-region, supporting social and economic development through its cutting edge research, business, entrepreneurship and industrial partnerships and community engagement activities.

The project was commissioned as Newcastle prepared to welcome a new Vice-Chancellor and President, and was an assessment of its role as a ‘A world class civic university’, a key strategy for the institution.