The Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Vehicle Policy Team tasked Urban Foresight to develop a roadmap to support widespread adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Urban Foresight designed a process to enable consultation with all relevant stakeholders. This culminated in a series of workshops over a period of eight months which assembled over 120 stakeholders from 78 different organisations across government, industry, environmental charities and the wider public sector.

Urban Foresight facilitated each of these workshops and used a variety of roadmapping tools to identify the key opportunities and challenges, as well as establishing a consensus on the priorities for action.

The insights collected in these workshops were supplemented by desk research and Urban Foresight’s in-house expertise on policies and technologies to promote plug-in vehicle adoption. This informed a report, which Urban Foresight wrote to both convey key messages and provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the areas in which action was most needed.

A key success of this project was our ability to work closely with Transport Scotland to translate multiple stakeholder priorities into a consensus vision and actionable strategy. This established a foundation to deliver the ambitious transformation of phasing out fossil-fuelled vehicles from towns, cities and communities across Scotland.