Switched on @Work is a programme aimed at encouraging organisations to provide electric vehicle charge points for their employees.

The programme was developed by Urban Foresight for Transport Scotland and the Energy Saving Trust, adapting an existing initiative from the US Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, it is part of the Switched on Scotland initiative and will allow employers to better understand the current and future demand for EV charging in their workforce and to make necessary provision.

Recharging at work is widely expected to be the second most common charging location after the home. As such, installing charge points at workplaces is the logical step next to increase range confidence, encourage EV ownership and improve the conditions in which employees undertake their commute. It is hoped that through commitment, taking action and sharing progress the programme will be instrumental in forming models of best practice for promoting workplace charging.

Urban Foresight established the format of the SO@W programme from the initial pledge to final approval from Transport Scotland and EST considering: the level of organisational commitment, requirements, minimum participation levels, monitoring, support and benefits. A variety of stakeholders were engaged in discussions to gain insight and guidance on the content that participants would like to see featured in the initiative.