EV4SCC is a new collaborative platform to mobilize a Europe-wide dialogue on the potential for EVs to be integrated with smart city initiatives.

Partners involved in this platform recognise that the considerable investments being made across Europe in EVs and supporting infrastructure not only offer potential to reduce road transport emissions, but also to unlock other smart city opportunities. This includes new solutions for: mobility, energy use, public services, residential and commercial buildings, wider urban systems, citizen engagement and behaviour change.

Accelerating adoption of EVs, and realising the associated smart city benefits, requires coordinated action across a network of organisations, technologies, consumers and products. This ecosystem of public and private stakeholders represents a convergence of energy, transport and ICT to advance innovative solutions to multiple social, technological and economic challenges.

Aim & Ambition

The EV4SCC collaborative platform is dedicated to bringing together and promoting innovative ideas and actions from across Europe. This will create a dynamic electric vehicle marketplace to facilitate open innovation, information sharing and collaborative problem solving. The outcomes of this collaboration will be promoted globally with the intention to raise awareness and create some tangible economic activity to deliver further progress.

The EV4SCC Platform was initiated in answer to the invitation for commitment to implement the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and was selected to take an active part in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster of the Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, run by the European Commission.

EV4SCC brings together organisations from across Europe (75 members from 19 countries) that are actively promoting EVs as an enabler of smart cities.

EV4SCC addresses the need for more concerted actions between cities and industries, while also bringing together the different actors required to integrate EVs into smart cities.

Urban Foresight as the lead organisation is coordinating EV4SCC.

EV4SCC builds on a number of projects undertaken by Urban Foresight to exchange global best practice and advance opportunities for EVs in smart cities.