Health and Social Care

Health and care consultancy

Improving lives, helping communities thrive

Transforming care service outcomes with technology, new ways of working, and place-based strategies.

Why Urban Foresight?

1/ Focus on outcomes
We're committed to achieving transformational benefits for people, communities, and care service providers.
2/ Systems thinking
We can help solve complex problems and evaluate solutions to maximise health and equity.
3/ Evidence-based approach
Robust analysis and creative insights to deliver evidence for change.
4/ Delivering innovation
Unlocking the potential of technology, data, and new ways of working to deliver transformational outcomes.
5/ Investment secured
Track record of achieving efficiencies and securing major investments for high value projects.

How can we help?

Strategies and governance

Defining ambitions, opportunities, and practical actions to achieve transformational outcomes.


Insights, learning, and recommendations to improve health and care outcomes.

Active and healthy lifestyles

Preventative care and system-level change to promote active and healthy lifestyles.

Service design and digital transformation

Sustainable solutions that deliver better experiences for both users and service providers.

Technology enabled care services

Discovering user needs, developing options, and creating investment-ready business cases.