10th February 2020

A New Home for Urban Foresight’s Growing Team in Newcastle

Urban Foresight moves into a brand new National Innovation building on Newcastle Helix.

The Catalyst is a £50 million purpose-built facility for the UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing and National Innovation Centre for Data.

Located in Newcastle City Centre on the £350 million Newcastle Helix development, the building hosts a suite of bespoke facilities and flexible office space to support the next phase of Urban Foresight’s growth. 

Urban Foresight is one of a number of carefully selected businesses that has been invited to co-locate with the National Innovation Centres. The intention is to create a ‘beacon’ that enables the UK to become a global leader in both Ageing and Data related innovation.

“Urban Foresight is proud to have been invited to locate in this stunning building” said Dr David Beeton, CEO of Urban Foresight.

“As Newcastle City Council’s Innovation Partner, we’re relishing the opportunity to play a key role in this next phase of Newcastle Helix’s development. We’re also delighted to be co-locating with tenants that share our passion for data driven innovation and commitment to people-centric products and services.”

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