18th February 2016

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Smart Cities

Urban Foresight’s Founder and Managing Director, Dr. David Beeton, today received a ‘Leadership Award for Outstanding Contribution towards Building Smart Cities’ at a ceremony in Mumbai to mark World Corporate Social Responsibility Day.

The award recognises those who can make a difference to the lives of others and notes David’s work at Urban Foresight as providing strategic and iconic leadership in society and demonstrating an outlook and ability to contribute to and drive social change. The judging panel cited quality of work, reach to rural communities and ability to quantify and apply positive changes to make a difference as key factors that led to this award.

David was also invited to share his knowledge and expertise from Urban Foresight at the event, and spoke of ‘The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Cities’ noting how the relationship between businesses and cities is being redefined by rapid global urbanisation and an array of related socioeconomic, environmental and infrastructure challenges.

Commenting on the important of cities to businesses as places to locate in, sells goods to, and enhance a corporate brand, David said: “Cities can also be proving grounds for new technologies and services, with citizen engagement facilitating the co-creation, co-commercialisation and co-maintenance of new smart and sustainable solutions.”

He added that: “There are also many areas where cities and businesses can learn from each other. Businesses are increasingly urbanising and cities are looking to become more innovative and entrepreneurial in their outlook. CSR can therefore help to shape a brighter future for cities around the world.”

The Congress brought together experts from over 130 countries, uniting global leaders to celebrate leadership in building a better society and a better world. The key premise of the event notes that “leadership will make all the difference”, and it has invited delegates who believe in CSR as a value that should be built into the fabric of businesses and in its potential as a tool for future development.

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