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19th August 2015

Carbon Data Made Easy – Launch of a New Support Programme for Scottish Public Sector

Urban Foresight has been commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland to develop and deliver a new programme to offer support to public sector organisations in developing carbon management strategies.

“The programme will provide practical, technical support and advice on key elements including data collation, data analysis, developing a project portfolio and identifying and setting realistic and measurable targets” said David Beeton, Managing Director of Urban Foresight. “Research has identified that not all public sector bodies have carbon management plans with a poor uptake identified in Scotland’s NHS Boards, education sectors and Non Departmental Public Bodies.” Many of the carbon management plans developed were only targeted to 2015 so there is now a recognised requirement to refresh and update them and prepare plans for the public sector bodies that have no current plans.”

The first workshop in the support programme was held in Glasgow today and focused on making carbon data easy. The workshop was run by Urban Foresight’s Senior Consultant Clare Day who said: “the aim was to provide carbon practitioners from across the public sector with the knowledge and tools to improve the quality of carbon data they capture and use within their organisation. We had a fantastic level of engagement from right across the public sector and we’re really looking forward to watching the progression.”

The programme will run from August 2015 and support 20 public sector organisations to develop effective and compliant documents by early 2016. It is also anticipated that the project will leave an enduring legacy with the creation of regional carbon practitioner networks that form of a living collaborative network with the necessary skills, material and relationships to continue long after the support programme has ceased.

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