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26th July 2021

Community engagement for the Campus for Ageing and Vitality

Engagement strategy and action plan to guide community outreach activities

The Campus for Ageing and Vitality is aiming to create the world’s premier centre for healthy ageing and living.

The development on the former Newcastle General Hospital site brings together experts dedicated to improving health care for older people. This includes academics, healthcare professionals, the voluntary sector, business activities, and the public.

For clinicians and scientists, the facilities available offer an interactive platform, putting patients and the public at the heart of research.

As such, community engagement is key to the successful development and realisation of the vision and future operation of the Campus.

Urban Foresight has been awarded a contract to develop a community engagement strategy and action plan for the Campus. This involves developing a detailed blueprint for rich and sustained community engagement and a roadmap for effective communication to promote the Campus’s initiatives.

“We’re excited to help the Campus continue to develop strong, valuable links with its local community, which is also our local community,” said Emma Clement, Senior Consultant at Urban Foresight. “The Campus is ambitious in its vision to deliver a regenerated space that benefits all who use it. Urban Foresight is ideally placed to help and support the ambition to improve healthcare for older people.”

This project, funded by Newcastle University, will also contribute to the redevelopment of the 29-acre brown-field former hospital site in the City Centre.

The project builds on Urban Foresight’s strong track record in community engagement and healthcare. It will also benefit from our recent work for Newcastle University to design a business case and operational model for a proposed Policy and Evidence Hub.

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