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7th December 2020

Creating a sustainable mobility cluster in Scotland

Urban Foresight has been commissioned by Scottish Enterprise to create growth and make Scotland a world leader in sustainable mobility.

Urban Foresight will establish an industry and innovation cluster for sustainable mobility across Scotland, focussed on linking SMEs with growth opportunities across the Scottish and global mobility ecosystem.

The project will support the Scottish Government’s targets to decarbonise the Scottish transport sector, address market failures due to lack of information on market opportunities within the Scottish SME community, and foster better linkages between the research base and SMEs.

This two-year appointment recognises Urban Foresight’s unique and global expertise in sustainable mobility across transport modes and opportunity areas.

Urban Foresight is proud to be at the forefront of flagship developments across Scotland. Urban Foresight has managed The Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory in Dundee (The MILL Dundee), developed TACTRAN’s MaaS Playbook, and most recently developed a feasibility study for a sustainable mobility and low carbon innovation hub at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said: “As we work to position Scotland at the forefront of sustainable mobility, I’m pleased to see the development of this new sustainable transport project between Scottish Enterprise and Urban Foresight.

“Decarbonising our transport sector is a critical part of our response to the Climate Emergency. In doing so, there are incredible opportunities that can be realised for all of Scotland as we transition to a net zero economy.

“I look forward to seeing the results of the Sustainable Mobility Cluster Builder as it works to join the work of our valued SMEs with other businesses, academics and research centres across the country.”

Scottish Enterprise head of low carbon transition Andy McDonald said: “I look forward to working with Urban Foresight to help fuel growth across the sustainable mobility sector and related industries for the benefit of the Scottish economy.

“We have taken huge steps in sustainable mobility including the creation of the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, as well as rail, bus and hydrogen projects. The cluster project allows us to reach further across the zero emission transport supply chain into areas like marine, aerospace and other heavy-duty vehicles as well as autonomous transport.

“Whether it is sharing knowledge around energy solutions, to creating future net zero travel systems, or innovative manufacturing, we will work with partners such as Transport Scotland towards establishing Scotland as a world leader in sustainable mobility.”

Urban Foresight Director Rachel Beeton said: “Scotland is hugely well-positioned to take advantage of the ongoing disruption in transportation, having the legacy of manufacturing the first automobile in Britain, significant capacity in the sustainable energy sector and growing capability in AI and machine learning.

“Urban Foresight is delighted to be able to bring our expertise in transport innovation and economic development to facilitate collaboration and grow value for stakeholders in the sector.”

If your organisation is interested in being involved in the Scottish Sustainable Mobility ecosystem, please contact:

The project is 50% ERDF funded through the Scottish Programme for Research Innovation and Technology Ecosystem (known as SPRITE).



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