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9th March 2022

Data as an asset in social care

Achieving the best possible outcomes for those who receive care and support services.

Data is widely seen as an asset in social care. Transparent, accountable, evidence-driven decision making is best practice, and increasingly mandated by legislation and policy.

However, the use of social care data lacks equity and maturity. It is often much more difficult than it should be to gather and access the data needed to deliver care and support to people and communities.

Social Care Wales has commissioned Urban Foresight to help future-proof services across the country. Awareness of data assets and their safe, ethical, and responsible use will support the long-term plan for a “healthier Wales” where everyone can access care.

Urban Foresight will identify opportunities to improve the use of data to deliver better services and make more informed decisions about the future of social care. This will be done through data mapping, desk research, stakeholder interviews, capacity assessments, and horizon scanning.

“We are excited to bring our insight to the work of Social Care Wales,” said Gordon Hector, Head of Policy and Strategy at Urban Foresight.  “Thousands of people rely on care services, and data plays a big role in improving how the system works. We’re looking forward to a fascinating project at the cutting edge of ideas about technology, public service design, and organisational culture.”

This award builds on previous work Urban Foresight has done in data and social care. This includes a comprehensive data audit for Newcastle City Council, an evaluation of Sport England-funded active health interventions, and technology enabled care services in domiciliary care services.


Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

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