21st July 2021

Destination charging at Europe’s largest inner-city shopping centres

EV charging infrastructure plan for Westfield Shopping Centres in London

Retail and leisure centres are increasingly becoming hotspots for electric vehicle charging. 

Known as ‘destination charging,’ EV drivers enjoy the convenience of plugging-in at supermarkets, shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, and tourist attractions.  

Chargers at these locations also benefit businesses. Customers have an extra reason to visit, and invariably stay for longer while they charge their vehicle. 

Urban Foresight has been commissioned to develop an infrastructure strategy for two of Europe’s largest shopping centres.  

Wesfield London and Westfield Stratford City had a combined total of over 8.8 million visitors in 2020. 

Urban Foresight will undertake a survey and analysis of car parks and travel behaviours to understand how existing chargers are used, and to model the likely impact of increased demand. 

Our analysis will provide the network operator, EO Charging, with recommendations on the location and specification of additional charging stations. This includes the mix of AC and DC charging, and guidance on the appropriate electrical supplies and load management. 

“Ensuring that the correct chargers are located in prime strategic locations is an increasing concern for shopping centres” said Gary McRae, Head of Electric Mobility at Urban Foresight. “It requires careful consideration of how long people spend parked in bays, local power network capacity, and expected changes in vehicles and charging technologies.”  

“Getting this right will ensure that charging solutions are futureproofed, affordable, and that customers are given the best possible experience” 

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