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18th December 2014

E-cosse Forum on the Future of Electric Mobility

The 8th E-cosse Stakeholder Forum brought together a range of industry representatives, including Nissan, Tesla and Siemens, the Scottish government and policy researchers to discuss the future of electric mobility.

Organised by Urban Foresight, in partnership with Transport Scotland, the forum brought together over seventy delegates attended at the Forth Bridges Contact and Education Centre in Queensferry. Speakers encouraged dialogue on the acceleration of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles through the development of transformational policies, technologies and business models.

The continuing development of smart cities and state of the current EV market were discussed, covering a range of themes including: EV aesthetics, market saturation, government initiatives and the promotion of plug-in vehicles beyond mobility. Delegates also considered the potential challenges of widespread chargepoint installation in domestic and workplace environments and how to improve the experience of owning and maintaining a plug-in vehicle for consumers.

A reference point for all speakers was the need to challenge perceptions toward EV technology and promote it as a means to more sustainable urban development, not just a mode of transport.

Managing Director, Dr. David Beeton, showcased Urban Foresight’s 50 Big Ideas Shaping the Future of Electric Mobility in the recently published EV City Casebook, whilst calling for an updated review of the Switched on Scotland Roadmap 2013 to accurately assess the approach being taken towards electric mobility and evaluate how far development and adaptation has advanced within the field.

A key focus for the event was to encourage a balanced discussion on a wide range of topics that are impacting on the future of electric mobility. Zak Tuck of Transport Scotland accurately summarised that “There is already a lot of positive work being done in the area but clearly there is further progress to make”.

For any further queries relating to E-cosse Forum events please do not hesitate to get in touch via e-mail at We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees and speakers at the 8th E-cosse Stakeholder Forum. To view content and further information on E-Cosse please click here.

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