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11th March 2021

Global review of scale-up EV cities

Urban Foresight has published the third EV City Casebook and Policy Guide, providing a global analysis of inspiring ideas, policy pioneers and city-led innovation in electric vehicles.

Looking at fifty cities within twenty counties, the 2021 EV City Casebook showcases the cities building better and cleaner mobility through electric vehicles (EVs) and is designed to inspire others to move towards mass electric mobility.

Building on the success of the EV City Casebook 2012 and 2014, this 2021 edition is focused on mass scale deployment of EVs, using cities across the globe as case studies to explore the incentives, investments and infrastructure needed to support this growth. Many of the case studies were informed through interviews with key stakeholders from across the world.

The EV City Casebook has collected learnings and best practice from large scale deployments of EVs around the world and across different transport types. It examines the role that city authorities play to identify the most effective policy measures to support the growth in EVs in urban areas and move towards a future of road transport electrification, providing ten key policy insights with a holistic approach to transport electrification in a city.

Urban Foresight worked with the International Energy Agency (IEA), Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI), Pilot Cities Program (PCP) and the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Programme (HEV TCP) to deliver the 2021 EV City Casebook, having also delivered the 2012 and 2014 editions.   The 2014 edition was named “Outstanding Publication of the Year” at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership awards in 2015.

Gordon Hector, Principal Consultant at Urban Foresight said,

“There have been huge transformations in mobility since the first EV City Casebook was published in 2012. Cities across the world are now looking at scaling up EVs and accelerating their moves towards total electrification.

But getting beyond early EV pilots and trials has its unique challenges in policy, politics and technology.

So, this 2021 edition of the casebook is focussed on that tricky next step. It’s a showcase of inspiring work being done in cities across the world and a policy guide for cities to understand where they are, and what to do next.

There’s huge momentum on EVs. The task now is to translate that into mass EV adoption. That’s what this project is designed to help drive.”

Read the full 2021 EV City Casebook here.

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