29th January 2019

Helping Wales Make the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Urban Foresight has won a series of contracts that could dramatically increase the availability of electric vehicle charging points across Wales.

Over the coming months Urban Foresight’s consultancy team will be working with seven different local authorities and their Public Services Board partners to prioritise locations for EV charging in North and South Wales. Urban Foresight has also been awarded a contract to develop a nationwide network of EV charging locations.

The first of these projects will set out a cost-effective regional approach for EV charging infrastructure across the Gwent region in South Wales. It will evaluate and prioritise a series of locations to ensure that EV users have full connectivity across the whole region. This includes specifying the most suitable types of charging points and defining the costs, constraints and grid integration challenges associated with different sites.

Urban Foresight has also been awarded two similar contracts to work with local authorities in North Wales. This will see our consultancy team helping Flintshire County Council and Denbighshire County Council to undertake feasibility studies for suitable EV charging locations.

In addition, Urban Foresight has been commissioned by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to develop a strategy for nationwide deployment of EV charging points. NRW is the largest Welsh Government Sponsored Body and employs 1,900 staff across Wales with a budget of £180 million. Our work will define an EV infrastructure deployment strategy to help reduce emissions from NRW’s fleet in support of the Welsh Government’s commitment to a carbon neutral public sector by 2030.

“Urban Foresight has over 10 years of experience of successfully delivering EV projects across the UK and around the world” said Callum White, Consultant at Urban Foresight. “We are delighted to be bringing this knowledge to Wales and to help local communities to realise the multiple benefits that EVs offer.”

The projects will be delivered in early 2019. Urban Foresight will work across multiple stakeholders to develop recommendations that address diverse needs and are aligned with local priorities.

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