The Bealach na Ba mountain pass road
26th February 2020

Hydro-powered electric vehicle charging in rural Scotland

Community development and low emissions infrastructure in rural locations.

Supporting the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and installing the required infrastructure can be challenging, particularly for those in rural communities.

High reliance on cars as the primary mode of transport combined with grid constraints and longer travel distances present some of the main barriers.

Tourism is central to Highlands and Islands life in Scotland and the popularity of the North Coast 500 driving route means that it is imperative these communities can support the increasing demand for EVs.

Urban Foresight has been commissioned to undertake a feasibility study and detailed design to install a rapid EV Charge Point with associated infrastructure and battery storage in Applecross.

It will be powered by Apple Juice hydro station which generates clean, low carbon electricity from a burn flowing from the hills into Applecross Bay.

There are currently no EV charge points in Applecross or within a 25-mile radius, so it represents a strategically important position in the Scottish Highlands for EV charging.

This facility would support renewable energy and low emissions infrastructure, encouraging the community and its visitors to transition to EVs and reduce their carbon impact.

Callum White, Senior Consultant at Urban Foresight said, “We understand the importance of encouraging EV adoption, and the very specific complexities faced by those in remote locations who are striving to become more sustainable.”

“It is essential that we provide innovative and practical solutions that not only benefit the community but also support Scotland’s net-zero ambitions.”

This work builds on Urban Foresight’s extensive experience in the development of electric vehicle charge point infrastructure and its associated processes, including HITRANS Electric Vehicle Strategy, and the Low Emissions Vehicles Project partnership with Dundee City Council.

The project was awarded by Apple Juice (Applecross) Ltd with funding from the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES). This scheme is designed to maximise the benefits to communities from renewable energy.

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