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26th November 2020

MaaS Roadmap for Dublin and Ireland

Strategy and evidence-base to implement Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the integration of different forms public and private transport into a single service that is accessible on demand. This offers the potential to improve transport and achieve key public policy objectives.

As a relatively new concept, many places are questioning exactly how MaaS should be implemented and how it will benefit their communities.

Urban Foresight has been commissioned by Smart Dublin to answer these questions and chart a clear path forward for MaaS.

The project will identify relevant issues, examine international case-studies, and look at challenges and success factors for MaaS in Ireland. It will also outline an operating model that builds on how public and private organisations in Ireland see the opportunities for MaaS.

“The concept of MaaS is at a fascinating stage where it’s matured beyond early pilots, but many places are still working out exactly what it means” said Gordon Hector, Principal Consultant at Urban Foresight. “There are many questions about what MaaS can achieve, how it should be designed, and who does what.”

Over the coming months Urban Foresight will work closely with Smart Dublin, which is a coalition of technology, academic and government experts.

The project will draw on Urban Foresight’s experience of international best practice on MaaS deployment at both city and national scale. This includes work to establish a MaaS Playbook for Central Scotland and practical know-how gained in developing and managing a series of MaaS pilots in Dundee.

The project is funded by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and covers passenger transport across the Republic of Ireland.

“Ireland is a thriving tech centre with a growing mobility sector,” said Gordon Hector. “Working out what kind of MaaS model is right could be crucial in achieving goals in sustainable transport, decarbonisation and local economic development.”

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