1st April 2015

Urban Foresight Hosts European Marketplace for Smart Cities

As part of the EV4SCC initiative, Urban Foresight organised a workshop in cooperation with the Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, to discuss how the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles can contribute to making European cities smarter, more sustainable and more competitive.

Urban Foresight is the current operational lead for EV4SCC, a unique collaborative platform promoting EVs to make cities smarter, sustainable and competitive whilst mobilising a Europe-wide dialogue on their integration with smart city initiatives.

The event, held at Urban Foresight’s headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK examined the interaction between business, cities and the transport industry to facilitate discussion on the roll out of sustainable transport solutions across Europe and establish a marketplace for innovation exchange and business partnering. The day comprised a series of interactive panel discussions, open platform presentations, business networking and breakout sessions so as to promote open discussion between representatives and allow establishment of new business connections.

Delegates from ten different countries were in attendance and discussion outcomes of the event were presented at the European Commission Annual General Meeting 2015 to Commissioner Violeta Bulc.

Part of the European Commission’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster, EV4SCC mobilises a joint commitment between 45 partners from 13 countries who aim to establish a multi-lateral dialogue across Europe on the potential role of EVs in urban environments. It comprises Cities and Regions, Government agencies and PPPs, Global Companies, Industry and non-governmental organisations, Research organisations, SMEs, Transport service providers, Energy companies.

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