27th October 2015

Urban Freight and the Efficient Future of Cities

Urban Foresight’s Managing Director Dr. David Beeton delivered a presentation that explored various aspects of urban efficiency.

This ranged from: why cities are motivated to do more with less, how both local governments and businesses operating in cities are looking to perform better, and understanding the technologies, policies and business models that are expected to deliver a more efficient future for cities.

“In an increasingly urbanised and globalised world, cities need to operate in new and more efficient ways” said David Beeton. “These efficiencies aren’t just incremental improvements, but rather radical new ways of meeting the needs of citizens and addressing a range of unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges.”

The presentation was delivered as part of the Freight in the City Expo. The one-day free-to-attend exhibition showcased the latest vehicles, technology and equipment that enable urban deliveries to be made quietly, cleanly and safely. A series of seminars ran throughout the day highlighting developments in sustainable urban deliveries.

“Urban freight has a significant impact on cities around the world” said David Beeton. “ There are an estimated 280,000 daily freight trips in London and Amsterdam has approximately 25,000 vans and 3,500 cars driving into the city each day to deliver freight and logistics services. This presents an important opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of cities and improve the quality of life for citizens. Optimising urban freight systems also offers potential to decrease congestion and enhance the economic power of cities.”

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