Sustainability and Net Zero

Sustainable development consultancy

Shaping a sustainable future for all

Reducing the negative impacts of people, places, and organisations on the environment.

Why Urban Foresight?

1/ Place-based approach
We understand what makes places unique and how local assets can unlock new opportunities.
2/ Focus on outcomes
Purpose-driven business that delivers positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.
3/ Innovative solutions
Knowledge of emerging trends, technologies, and global best practice.
4/ Actionable recommendations
Practical experience of designing and delivering real world projects.
5/ Investment secured
Track record of securing major investments for transformational projects.

How can we help?

Strategies and action plans

Setting a strategic direction, prioritising actions, and guiding investments.

Feasibility studies and business cases

Testing proposals, developing options, and creating investment-ready business cases.

Market research and analysis

Evidence-based insights on the performance of places, sectors, and markets.


Building capabilities and providing support for climate actions and projects.