Sustainability and Net Zero

Sustainable development consultancy

Shaping a sustainable future for all

Reducing the negative impacts of people, places, and organisations on the environment.

Why Urban Foresight?

1/ Place-based approach
We understand what makes places unique and how local assets can unlock new opportunities.
2/ Focus on outcomes
Purpose-driven business that delivers positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.
3/ Innovative solutions
Knowledge of emerging trends, technologies, and global best practice.
4/ Actionable recommendations
Practical experience of designing and delivering real world projects.
5/ Investment secured
Track record of securing major investments for transformational projects.

How can we help?

Strategies and action plans

Setting a strategic direction, prioritising actions, and guiding investments.

Feasibility studies and business cases

Testing proposals, developing options, and creating investment-ready business cases.

Market research and analysis

Evidence-based insights on the performance of places, sectors, and markets.

Training and business support

Building capabilities and capacity for the net zero transition.

Speak to an expert

Dr Graham Thrower
Head of Sustainable Economy