Anthony Ferri


Anthony is a skilled interdisciplinary researcher and passionate transport planner and urban designer with over ten years of international planning, design, and management experience.

He holds a Master’s of Urban Development and Design from the University of New South Wales (Australia), and a Master’s of Science in Transportation Systems from the Technical University of Munich (Germany).

Currently he is completing his PhD in Mobility Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. His PhD research focusses on user experience, public transport design, and wayfinding.

Prior to his work as a Consultant at Urban Foresight, Anthony worked as a municipal and community planner for the City of Yellowknife in Canada’s Arctic, where he conducted research studies on development policy and long-range planning, engaged in consultations and public town-hall events, and negotiated with stakeholders regarding planning and heritage policies, as well as land treaties.

Anthony is a registered member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (International Division – MCIP-I).