Bria Clegg

Project Specialist

Bria is a Project Specialist with a keen interest in improving both environmental and human health and reducing inequitable outcomes by promoting social equality, physical and mental health as well as equitable sustainable development.

She is a Human Geography Graduate from Durham University with an MSc in Global Mental Health and Society from The University of Edinburgh.

Throughout her studies, she developed a broad knowledge across a range of topics, including urban development, sustainability, and health policy. During her MSc,  she specialised  in mental health policies and programmes at a global scale, with a particular focus on the UK and Scottish context. Bria’s MSc thesis explored the inter-relationships between consumer culture and practices of identity formation, and the impact this had on the psychological health of the population in the UK. Through this project she developed an understanding of how macro-economic, political, and social structures can influence human behaviour and psychological processes.

At Urban Foresight Bria has taken part in a range of projects spanning active travel, healthy weight, mental health and increasing physical activity levels. She has led evaluations of health services such as council run mental health programmes and weigh management services to catalyse improved outcomes for local populations. This has given her strong skills in qualitative methods, such as interviewing, focus groups, report writing and critical thinking.

Prior to her employment at Urban Foresight, she worked with the British Red Cross, assisting in the implementation of a project aiming to prevent falls through early intervention and the promotion of physical activity. Bria is also a qualified Personal Trainer and Weightlifting Coach. As a result, she has extensive knowledge of health and exercise promotion.