Gary McRae

Head of Electric Mobility

Gary is an experienced senior local authority manager who led the Corporate Fleet Team within Dundee City Council to the position of having the UK’s largest Local Authority fleet of electric vehicles.

In over 7 years in sustainable transport, Gary led a team to deliver some of the most innovative and market leading electric vehicle charging solutions and low carbon transport in the country, from sourcing funding, infrastructure design, stakeholder engagement and ensuring elected member approval for all projects to make Dundee one of Europe’s leading cities in EV adoption and promotion. This experience gives him a detailed technical knowledge of EVs and associated infrastructure, as well as the practicalities of securing funding, and the challenges of delivering innovative projects.

Gary has been involved in securing over £11 million of funding for the Tayside region to promote electric vehicle activity and has been involved in all aspects from procurement to promotion. Gary and his team, played a key role in leading the delivery of Dundee’s globally recognised electric vehicle charging hubs.

Gary has delivered globally significant infrastructure projects at the heart of communities in Dundee that will facilitate multi model travel in the city.  These projects have been delivered in collaboration with UK and Scottish Governments, regional transport bodies and city partners.