Piotr Mazur

Senior Consultant

Piotr Mazur has an extensive transport planning background, which includes active travel, public transport and shared mobility.

Having attended Heriot-Watt University, he graduated with a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning and has previously worked in Arup’s Future Mobility team.

Piotr is passionate about holistic transport planning, assessing different modes together, as well as their impact on the wider transport network, town planning and urban design, with the ultimate aim of decarbonising transport.

One area that is of particular interest to him is how transport, planning and design can come together (e.g. in policy interventions or physical infrastructure such as mobility hubs) to encourage using sustainable transport methods, especially walking, cycling and public transport.

Equity in transport and making sure it is accessible for people of all abilities is something that he also cares deeply about.