Prakash Kamtam - Headshot

Dr Prakash Kamtam

Principal Consultant

Prakash is committed to working to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDG) promise of ‘leaving no one behind.’. Primarily focusing on digital inclusion, digital rights, assistive technologies, and an inclusive digital transformation agenda for mainstreaming the inclusion of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

With a core expertise creating inclusive smart city visions, developing service leadership, policy innovation, process optimisation, and co-creation of digital services and integrated digital platforms.

He has more than two decades of International Development experience and has worked in leadership positions across the globe in the public sector and inter-governmental organisations, including the United Nations.

His experience also includes working in India as a senior public official in a number of areas including urban sustainability, smart cities, climate resilience & disaster management, e-governance, education, public-private partnerships, poverty reduction & community development, women empowerment and impact funding.