Pratoy Mitra


Pratoy is a consultant with a passion for low carbon transport and has a background in global energy and transport policy.

Prior to joining Urban Foresight, Pratoy worked at the University of Bath with McLaren Automotive on APC UK’s Super-high Power-dense Engines for Electric-hybrid Vehicles project.He was responsible for testing and analysing their automotive thermal heat rejection systems which he adopted as his MPhil thesis.

While working for the Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy & Built Environment track, Pratoy contributed to projects such as 100 Resilient Cities and Step Up on Second by conducting feasibility studies, and quantitative and qualitative research.

When studying for his Masters at Tsinghua University in China, he analysed driving patterns for the City of Beijing and developed a mathematical model that would estimate fleet plug-in hybrid emissions for the city.

As an undergraduate student in Japan, he fabricated and tested hydrogen fuel cells and analysed the poisoning mechanism at the cathode.

He was also involved in delivering a small-scale feasibility study and design guidance for conceptualising a mobile hydrogen refuelling station, earning a top-five place in the USA Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Student Design Contest.