Stuart McLaren


Stuart holds an MA in Geography from the University Of Dundee and is a consultant with 9 years’ experience in Oil & Gas compliance and contingency planning.

Since starting at Urban Foresight he has been working closely with multiple local authorities on their pathfinder projects to provide them with business cases for transitioning to electric vehicles. Stuart has also been involved in bid writing for an array of different projects, reviewing tenders and helping clients during their procurement process.

In previous roles he has worked on projects that dealt with oil spill contingency where he consulted on plans that mitigated oil spills both on and offshore. Using the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) skills, learned at university, he created maps that showed areas susceptible to pollution.

More recently, Stuart was involved in the renewable and subsea cable industries, where he provided project support for cable installations and offshore wind farm development. He has also developed project-based skills over the past couple of years, providing project and technical support for subsea cable installations and oil & gas decommissioning projects