tim marsden

Tim Marsden

Bid Manager

Tim is a bid manager/project manager with a background in third party and commercially funded projects, taking products from inception to scale-up.

Whilst completing his BA (hons) in International Business and German from Sheffield Hallam University, Tim also studied at the Fachhochschule (RheinMain University of Applied Sciences) in Wiesbaden, Germany. He then worked for Siemens R&D at their Munich Headquarters.

Tim continues to forge and develop relationships with key stakeholders within the innovation space, having previously worked within the FP6, FP7, AMSCI, Horizon2020 and InnovateUK programmes.

Much of Tim’s previous experience comes from helping companies develop ‘next generation’ or ‘smart’ products through the implementation of the much vaunted ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ principles. These principles help make people better connected and manufacturing processes more efficient.