£1.5 million green energy transport hub

Hydrogen refueling station, solar carport, and ultra-fast charging points


The Perth Innovation Highway will link up the city centre and a planned expansion to the west.

The first building block of the Perth Innovation Highway is a £1.5 million green energy transport hub.

Located at an existing Park & Ride site, the hub will include hydrogen refuelling, ultrafast EV charging, battery storage, and renewable energy generation.

Urban Foresight was commissioned by Perth & Kinross Council to develop a technical specification and to support the delivery of this ambitious project.

An initial task was to establish a vision and consensus on outcomes for the project. This required close working with internal and external stakeholders, including funding bodies.

We developed detailed technical specifications to reflect these ambitions. These included all relevant standards, protocols, and regulations. They also considered matters related to safety, security, environmental impact, financial security, and quality.

Detailed market analysis was carried out to consider financial implications of hydrogen
demand and supply.

We also reviewed the current state-of-the-art in battery storage systems and integration with electric vehicle chargers and generation from renewable sources. This took into account forecasts of future demand and technological developments.

Advice was provided on contract structure, terms, and conditions. A particular focus was to ensure compliance with procurement regulations and ERDF funding guidelines. This was balanced with the need to achieve innovation in the deliverables.


Image credit: Robin Fernandes