ICT outsourcing to create a smart city

Sunderland City Innovation Programme


How can a £30 million ICT outsourcing deal deliver on wider smart city ambitions?

Urban Foresight worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to develop an ambitious smart city model for the Sunderland City Innovation programme linked to a £30 million ICT outsourcing deal.

This innovative approach to procurement was intended to deliver significant operational savings while creating a City Innovation Blueprint that would deliver ambitions and priorities for business, education and healthcare.

HPE was shortlisted as the preferred supplier in the competitive dialogue, with Urban Foresight helping to shape the procurement to include wider innovation from SMEs and access to external funding streams.

Urban Foresight also helped to develop a business case for an “Open Innovation Engine” (OIE), a technology platform for sourcing innovative concepts and solutions for innovative solutions to Citywide challenges.

After several months of dialogue and due diligence, a viable business case could not be achieved that would meet the parties’ respective parameters. This was largely a result of legacy third party contracts that decreased the guaranteed revenue and increased the risk profile of the project.

All parties involved learned a great deal about the risks and challenges in setting up and closing complex deals and integrating SMEs into large public private partnering agreements.

What We Delivered

Defining commercial opportunities and the underlying economic impacts of a project

Advice on funding, procurement and capital structuring that is underpinned by the necessary regulatory framework and governance structures

Defining key stakeholders, determining their priorities and defining their relationship to a client or project

Developing structures and engagement strategies to facilitate participation of all relevant stakeholders to improve local decisions and enhance policy-making

We help public and private sector bidders to prepare and price winning bids

Sector Expertise

We are globally recognised experts in the opportunities for cities to embrace technology and new ways of working to create positive social, economic and environmental outcomes

We help our clients to navigate changes and undertake digital transformations that set them up for long-term success

Advising on ways to share, manage and exploit data assets

Maximising the opportunities for employment and wealth creation and helping to establish the necessary governance, policy and capital funding to make this possible

Advice on how new technology and services can create healthier and happier communities

Bottom-up understanding of the needs and motivations of citizens, as well as engaging with communities to inspire positive actions and behaviours

Assessing the skills needed by different sectors, current educational provision and identifying proposals for action