Scotland’s sustainable mobility cluster

Join us in shaping a sustainable future and creating new opportunities for businesses in Scotland.


About the Programme

Mobility is changing. The way people and goods travel is being transformed by rapidly developing technological and societal trends.

The Sustainable Mobility Cluster Builder is a new programme to help companies capitalise on these opportunities and to support Scottish Government targets to decarbonise transport.


Promoting solutions to big societal challenges


Creating connections and partnerships


Nurturing key strengths and growth opportunities

The programme is run by Urban Foresight, in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland.

We can provide your business with bespoke support and access to funding to pursue opportunities across the Sustainable Mobility Sector.

Zero emission heavy duty vehicles
Big data, CAVs & digital technology
Rural & island transport
Hydrogen for transport
Batteries & energy

There are three ways that we can help your mobility business to succeed in Scotland.

Access bespoke support and funding

Eligible SMEs can access fully-funded support from our expert advisors. 

We can help you to find funding and connect you to clients, partners and Scotland’s world-leading research base.

Find out about emerging public sector opportunities and get expert advice on how to scale your mobility business in Scotland.

Request a call with our advisors to find out more.

We are delighted to bring you Scotland’s Sustainable Mobility Pitchbook!

This showcases 50 breakthrough businesses working in Scotland that are pioneering new products in smart and sustainable mobility.

This includes new technologies, modes, business models and digital solutions.

Access your copy to learn more about these exciting businesses and the important work they are doing to support Scotland’s decarbonisation targets and solve some big societal challenges.

Join our events

Our webinar series highlights new opportunities for mobility businesses to succeed in Scotland.

Each event will connect you to a different part of Scotland’s rapidly emerging sustainable mobility ecosystem.

You’ll hear about the latest developments in technologies, business models and funding. Meet industry experts and discover breakthrough businesses.

Missed the last event?

Catch up now with the livestream playlist, and register below so you don’t miss the next one!

Event 5: Opportunities in Heavy Duty Vehicles
Event 1: Opportunities in Scotland’s Mobility Future
Event 2: Opportunities in Electric Mobility
Event 3: Opportunities in Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
Event 4: Opportunities in New Mobility Services

Upcoming events

Event 4:

Opportunities in New Mobility Services

Date: 23 – 09 – 2021
Time: 14:00 – 16:30 GMT
Venue: Online Webinar

Register here to receive details about upcoming events, or apply to be a speaker.

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The project is 50% ERDF funded through the Scottish Programme for Research Innovation and Technology Ecosystem (known as SPRITE).