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Digital technologies and data for industrial transformation

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An Innovation Study

Urban Foresight was commissioned to review the links between regional capabilities in the digital sector and the future needs of three key industrial sectors.

In a study for the North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s Innovation Board, Urban Foresight profiled the digital strengths in North East England alongside the needs and opportunities that exist in three key industries that are central to the region’s strategic economic strategy: Offshore, subsea and marine technologies; Life sciences and health; and Low carbon passenger vehicles.

Urban Foresight was tasked to review the interdependencies and shared opportunities that exist between these sectors. This involved a comprehensive literature review, interviews with over 30 experts from 21 different organisations, and a series of four workshops in each of the smart specialisation areas.

This informed a profiling and mapping of the digital capabilities in North East England, considering strengths, opportunity areas and the roles and capabilities of key support facilities including networks, hubs, skills providers and finance.

Sector Expertise

Bottom-up understanding of the needs and motivations of citizens, as well as engaging with communities to inspire positive actions and behaviours 

How new technologies and business models are transforming the way people and goods are transported to create better connected, healthier and more sustainable cities 

Maximising the opportunities for employment and wealth creation and helping to establish the necessary governance, policy and capital funding to make this possible 

What We Delivered

Defining commercial opportunities and the underlying economic impacts of a project 

Professional engagement with relevant stakeholders and experts to uncover key insights and identify shared priorities 

Defining key stakeholders, determining their priorities and defining their relationship to a client or project 

We reimagine services in order to create new economic value and meet customer needs in new ways.