Creating Europe’s most visionary electric vehicle city

Strategy, projects and funding to make Dundee a world-leading EV city


How did Dundee become Europe’s most visionary electric vehicle city?

In October 2018, Urban Foresight’s CEO Dr David Beeton collected the prestigious E-Visionary award for the City of Dundee at a ceremony held by the World Electric Vehicle Association in Japan.

Urban Foresight’s partnership with Dundee City Council started in 2011. The Scottish Government commissioned us to develop an electric vehicle (EV) roadmap and to design a series of projects to phase out fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2032 (read the full roadmap here).

As part of this work, Urban Foresight also developed the concept of an exemplar city to set a benchmark for implementing Scotland’s roadmap and to become a hub for global best practice.


We've secured over £8.5 million of funding for pioneering projects

Urban Foresight provided intensive support to Dundee City Council to become an exemplar city. We mapped out a comprehensive programme of investments in infrastructure and incentives.

We also wrote a series of successful funding bids for pioneering EV projects. Over £8.5 million of investment has been secured by Urban Foresight for the city to date.

This funding has helped Dundee City Council to develop the UK’s largest public sector fleet of EVs, the UK’s largest fleet of electric taxis and one of the most comprehensive charging infrastructure networks in Europe.

Other notable projects included electric car sharing, electric and hydrogen buses, and the development of a series of innovative EV charging hubs across the city.

What We Delivered

We have specialist toolkits to shape future outlooks, develop actionable strategies and open up new possibilities for innovation

Defining the key features, structure, criteria for success, and major deliverables of a new project or programme

We help public and private sector bidders to prepare and price winning bids

Sector Expertise

We have globally recognised expertise in the policies, infrastructure, business models and investments required to support widespread adoption of electric vehicles

We understand the connections between systems and how technology can facilitate more efficient and effective urban infrastructure and services

How new technologies and business models are transforming the way people and goods are transported to create better connected, healthier and more sustainable cities

Understanding the implications of public policy and developing recommendations to support policy and legislative change