Global Best Practice & Insights on E-mobility Business Models

E-Mobility Business Models


E-Mobility Business Models is a global project run by Urban Foresight under the framework of the International Energy Agency’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Implementing Agreement (IA-HEV).

Now that the electric vehicle market is moving beyond the demonstration projects into the mainstream, policymakers face the challenge of creating supportive environments to promote electric vehicle (EV) investment and enterprise as they enter the mass market. Accordingly, this project set out to advance understanding of the opportunities to generate revenue and limit costs in the provision of electric vehicles, recharging infrastructure, and the associated links to energy systems.

The project has established an international network of experts to collate analysis and commentary, lessons learned, case studies, and concepts. This is seeing researchers and practitioners who are at the forefront of global developments sharing expertise from many different sectors. This includes: business, policy, economics, engineering and technology management, and innovation.

This analysis will be published in a book of contributed papers in 2014 with a view to providing greater insight on how to move EVs from the demonstration/early adopter stage into sustainable markets that are independent of direct public subsidy.

Sector Expertise

Bottom-up understanding of the needs and motivations of citizens, as well as engaging with communities to inspire positive actions and behaviours 

How new technologies and business models are transforming the way people and goods are transported to create better connected, healthier and more sustainable cities 

Maximising the opportunities for employment and wealth creation and helping to establish the necessary governance, policy and capital funding to make this possible 

What We Delivered

Defining commercial opportunities and the underlying economic impacts of a project 

Professional engagement with relevant stakeholders and experts to uncover key insights and identify shared priorities 

Defining key stakeholders, determining their priorities and defining their relationship to a client or project 

We reimagine services in order to create new economic value and meet customer needs in new ways.