Electric vehicle strategy for Scotland’s Highlands and Islands

HITRANS EV Strategy and Action Plan

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What are the opportunities to increase electric vehicle adoption in remote and rural communities?

Urban Foresight was commissioned by the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) in Scotland to produce an EV strategy and Action Plan with the ambition for the region to be at the forefront of achieving national commitments for low emission transport, as well as delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to communities across the region.

The strategy seeks to be an exemplar for how a transition to a low carbon transport system can be achieved in rural communities.

With national targets for EV looking ahead to 2032 and beyond this strategy had to be forward thinking, to future proof infrastructure investment. The strategy therefore included anticipations and forecasts of future market and technology trends, including:

  • Engagement with over 30 multi-sector stakeholders across the region
  • Analysis and forecasting of the region’s EV usage over a 6-month period
  • UK EV tariff analysis and recommendations for the region
  • EV performance trends
  • Charging infrastructure and changing requirements for grid connectivity
  • GIS illustration
  • Representation at the Scottish Transport Application and Research (STAR) Conference, Glasgow (2018)

What We Delivered

Professional engagement with relevant stakeholders and experts to uncover key insights and identify shared priorities

We are expert at running workshops and focus groups, using a variety of tools and techniques to combine and share information from large and small groups

Practical insights and evidence to support decision-making, policy development and the case for investments

We write award winning reports that are concise, logical and engaging

We have specialist toolkits to shape future outlooks, develop actionable strategies and open up new possibilities for innovation

We provide practical guidance and define the resources, roles and outcomes required to implement innovation projects

Sector Expertise

We have globally recognised expertise in the policies, infrastructure, business models and investments required to support widespread adoption of electric vehicles

How new technologies and business models are transforming the way people and goods are transported to create better connected, healthier and more sustainable cities

Understanding the implications of public policy and developing recommendations to support policy and legislative change

Developing secure, clean and affordable energy systems that are optimised for renewables and integrate new products and services

We understand the connections between systems and how technology can facilitate more efficient and effective urban infrastructure and services

Expertise in planning, designing and overseeing construction of buildings and infrastructure

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