Digital foresight

Helping digital SMEs exploit new opportunities for growth


How can SMEs better position themselves to realise opportunities from new technologies, markets and business models?

Urban Foresight was commissioned by Sunderland Software City to deliver a programme of ERDF funded support to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in North East England.

Support was targeted at SMEs that had identified potential opportunities to deliver business growth, but were unsure how to take this forward.

The programme deployed Urban Foresight’s strategy and innovation toolkit to help SMEs to realise opportunities from emerging technologies, innovative business models and new markets.

A combination of workshops, one-to-one engagements and bespoke analysis provided SMEs with practical insights on business planning and intelligence on existing markets served.

It also equipped business leaders with tools to analyse mega trends and better understand the potential of digital technologies to transform businesses, industries, supply chains, and customer experiences.

In administering the ERDF funding, Urban Foresight was required to develop and maintain necessary documentation to comply with the funding regulations. This included documentation to demonstrate eligibility for ERDF support, compliance with state aid legislation and prove that the support has been delivered.

What We Delivered

We are expert at running workshops and focus groups, using a variety of tools and techniques to combine and share information from large and small groups

Exploring possible futures to understand what’s important and what’s possible 

Providing expert support to small and medium sized enterprises that helps them to grow and realise new commercial opportunities

Ensuring compliance with funding regulations, such as ERDF by maintaining all necessary paperwork and advising on requirements in delivering related project activities

Sector Expertise

We help our clients to navigate changes and undertake digital transformations that set them up for long-term success

Advising on the commercial and disruptive potential of new