Designing low carbon transport hubs

Feasibility studies for integrated Low Carbon Travel and Transport Hubs across Scotland


Urban Foresight was commissioned by five Scottish local authorities and the University of Strathclyde to design and develop schemes for innovative low carbon transport hubs across Scotland.

Urban Foresight secured six competitively awarded contracts as part of Transport Scotland’s £13.9 million Low Carbon Travel and Transport Challenge Fund. This saw Urban Foresight provide technical and commercial support for the following projects:

  • Dundee City Council: a landmark green transport and active travel hub at the heart of Dundee’s £1 billion waterfront development;
  • Aberdeen City Council: an EV charging and hydrogen filling station at a new £207 million conference centre in Aberdeen and infrastructure for electric buses;
  • Perth and Kinross Council: Scotland’s first ‘Ultra-Rapid’ charger, hydrogen refuelling station, battery storage system, and renewables at Perth and Kinross Council park and ride sites;
  • University of Strathclyde: Active travel and cycle routes around the University;
  • Angus Council: EV charging at a business park in Angus
  • HITRANS: EVs and cycling in Inverness.

Each study considered specific needs of the projects and encompassed: site identifcation; scheme design; infrastructure specifications; community engagement to determine local needs and opportunities; demand forecasts; operating models; and, wider links to existing travel and transport infrastructure.

Upon completion of Urban Foresight’s work, Dundee and Perth went on to bid for, and successfully received funding totaling £1.6 million to deliver their projects in June 2017.

Sector Expertise

Bottom-up understanding of the needs and motivations of citizens, as well as engaging with communities to inspire positive actions and behaviours 

How new technologies and business models are transforming the way people and goods are transported to create better connected, healthier and more sustainable cities 

Maximising the opportunities for employment and wealth creation and helping to establish the necessary governance, policy and capital funding to make this possible 

What We Delivered

Defining commercial opportunities and the underlying economic impacts of a project 

Professional engagement with relevant stakeholders and experts to uncover key insights and identify shared priorities 

Defining key stakeholders, determining their priorities and defining their relationship to a client or project 

We reimagine services in order to create new economic value and meet customer needs in new ways.