Mapping the value chains of low carbon industries

Market Intelligence on Emerging Technologies


The Commercialisation Department of a leading UK university commissioned Urban Foresight to map the value chains, emerging opportunities and key players in the electric vehicles, carbon capture & storage, and offshore wind sectors.

A comprehensive desk study was undertaken by Urban Foresight and complemented by both our internal knowledge and insights drawn from our extensive global networks. This was pulled together into an expert report which presented a commentary and high-level summary of the key developments and emerging opportunities in these sectors.

A key achievement of the study was to consider the complete ecosystem required to support the development and deployment of these emerging technologies. This extended into considering total systems of infrastructure and related areas such regulation and R&D.

The study provided the University with an enhanced understanding of the landscape of developments and opportunities in these sectors. It included a directory of key stakeholders and contacts which offered the university an opportunity to explore collaborative partnerships and the commercialisation of intelletual property.

What We Delivered

Practical insights and evidence to support decision-making, policy development and the case for investments

Tracking trends, spotting significant developments and understanding why they are important

We write award winning reports that are concise, logical and engaging

Defining key stakeholders, determining their priorities and defining their relationship to a client or project

Sector Expertise

Developing secure, clean and affordable energy systems that are optimised for renewables and integrate new products and services

We have globally recognised expertise in the policies, infrastructure, business models and investments required to support widespread adoption of electric vehicles

Advice on how data and technology can enhance manufacturing, logistics and industrial processes

Advising on the commercial and disruptive potential of new technologies