Mobility scheduling tool and mobile App

Investment appraisal and commercialisation strategy


Commercial strategy and market launch planning for a new mobility App.

Urban Foresight was commissioned to develop a commercialisation strategy for a Scottish software company. The company had secured investment to develop a web based, scalable mobility scheduling tool with accompanying mobile app.

Urban Foresight’s analysis considered technical requirements to develop a robust and scalable digital platform.

This included load testing of the algorithms and infrastructure to cope with different levels of demand. We also scoped out different features and integrations for the app development such as itinerary planning, GPS tracking and integration with social media platforms.

Our work also considered the best possible backend (billing, security and validation requirements) and external (public APIs, charging networks) design and development for the digital platform.

Our commercial strategy reviewed market trends, demand for the app, potential customers, competition, possible business models, pricing and areas for future development.

As our work was funded by Scottish Enterprise it also included an analysis of the suitability for public funding. This established the potential to unlock a range of significant opportunities for growth, job creation and export to international markets.


Image credit: henry perks