Provision of EV Charging Infrastructure in Croatia

EV Charging Infrastructure


In collaboration with Savjetura consulting, eMob examined investment opportunities and revenue generation potential associated with electric mobility from the perspective of an energy provider.

Undertaken for Croatia’s national electricity company HEP Group, focus was on the potential of a national charging network to enable electric mobility in towns and cities across Croatia, whilst also making provision for extended journeys between urban areas. As such, Urban Foresight identified possible mechanisms to integrate EV infrastructure provision into HEP’s existing business model.

Phase one encompassed the detailed analysis of a range of business models options, undertaken to support HEP in positioning its strategy as it considers opportunities to develop a business model for EV charging in Croatia. Supporting this was a report exploring electric vehicle incentives, identifying barriers to market entry and providing a comprehensive overview of measures that can be used to encourage the uptake of EVs.

Phase two provided a more detailed analysis of HEP’s choice of preferred business model. Highlighting potential opportunities to create, deliver and capture value as a commercial venture, the key activities were assessed, illustrating key considerations and opportunities for successful implementation. Experiences across Europe were illustrated through an examination of energy companies to summarising their existing commercial and research activity in specific areas.


Image by Lucijan Blagonic

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