Unique city-hosted MaaS app and mobility marketplace

Developing a MaaS platform to facilitate multi-modal travel in Dundee


Connecting people to multiple transport services using a bespoke smartphone App.

Urban Foresight was commissioned to support Dundee City Council in integrating a range of innovative new mobility services that are being developed with established transport services in the city. This included the design and development of a new mobility as a service (MaaS) platform.

The aim was to make it more convenient and desirable to use public, shared and sustainable transport services for journeys in and around the city.

Having undertaken extensive research and analysis into existing MaaS solutions, Urban Foresight developed a concept that would position Dundee City Council as a trusted neutral broker of an independent mobility marketplace.

This required extensive engagement with transport operators to determine the commercial, legal, and technical frameworks for sharing real-time data.

We compiled detailed technical specification for a developer to create an open source App that could be repurposed by towns and cities across Scotland.

We were subsequently commissioned to manage a series of MaaS pilots in Dundee focused on achieving integrated ticketing solutions with high profile events in the city.


Image credit: Dundee City Council