Urban Foresight was tasked to review the opportunities to align the Scottish Government’s policies and priorities related to transport and energy.

The study specifically focused on the Scottish Government’s twin ambitions of encouraging widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles and developing a secure, sustainable and affordable electricity grid.

This recognised the potential for electric vehicles to make energy systems smarter and more efficient, as well as the importance of ensuring that the grid evolves to support increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road.

The study was informed by comprehensive desk research and two stakeholder workshops which brought together experts from the electric vehicles and energy sectors. This provided insights for Transport Scotland’s ongoing work to implement it’s EV roadmap, as well as an overarching energy strategy being developed by the Scottish Government.

The following areas were examined, detailing the key players and processes involved and the important issues for consideration:

  • Electricity distribution systems and smart grids
  • Demand management
  • Energy storage and supporting high renewable grids
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Vehicle-to-X applications
  • Energy markets