Make good things happen

Our mission

Improving wellbeing, sustainability, and prosperity

We excel at turning good ideas into great projects to create better futures.

Innovation for places

Solving societal challenges and creating new local opportunities.

Places for people

Improving lives, protecting the environment, and strengthening economies.

Our story

UK's leading place-based innovation consultancy

Urban Foresight was established as the world’s first dedicated smart cities consultancy.

We work around the world to develop solutions for smart and sustainable places.

Smart cities

Advances in transport, energy, healthcare, and environmental systems.

Sustainable places

Better services, reduced emissions, and investing in the future.

Good ideas and great projects

Our services

Guiding investments in innovation and infrastructure

Research and analysis

Markets, opportunities, and the impacts of investments.

Strategies and business cases

Outlooks, action plans, and commercial frameworks for positive change.

Project development and delivery

Design, procurement, and funding for innovation projects.

Pilots and living labs

Manging the testing and deployment of new solutions and services.

Networks and business support

Knowledge sharing networks and business support programmes.


Establishing the effectiveness, outcomes, and learning from projects.

Our team

Diverse skills and shared values

Our success is based on a multi-disciplinary team of expert consultants.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve developed specialist knowledge, and a track record which is unmatched by traditional consultancies.

Let's work together