Making smarter cities

Our Mission

Improving lives, promoting sustainability and creating new economic opportunities


Technology can make urban services more efficient, targeted and responsive

Open Innovation

Services are improved by collaborative working and engaging with citizens

Our Expertise

Technology, business models and policy for positive change

Smart Consultancy

Analysis to insight

Urban Foresight® was established in 2011 as the world’s first dedicated smart city consultancy.

We are a mission driven business that thinks deeply about the opportunities to transform services and solve societal challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary team works across different sectors and is skilled at translating ideas into action.

We provide technical and commercial support to help our clients develop new technologies and services for cities. 

This includes writing award winning reports, providing evidence-based insights and delivering investment-ready strategies.

Innovation Partner

Ideas to action

Urban Foresight also provides the resource, expertise and funding to deliver innovations.

Our team helps cities to procure innovation, manage innovation pilots and deliver smart city programmes.

We also help businesses to create opportunities to commercialise and scale-up new innovations.

Urban Foresight’s partners benefit from our expertise in funding, financing and accessing new markets around the world.

We have a proud track record of securing millions of pounds of investment in infrastructure and advanced urban services.

Want to Talk?

We work with ambitious cities, businesses and NGOs around the world